Original, non-linear Play

This production, developed in 1964, was one of the original non-linear plays created in the experimental theater movement. It is a series of seven theatrical rituals based on breathing and group improvisation. The actor goes on a profound journey ending with an incredible Artaudian flash out. The workshop is taught in five four-hour sessions and can be performed by the participants at the end of the sessions. The performance requires minimal sets and lights.

As in all our workshops we:

  • Discuss Piscator and Brecht’s idea of political theatre and apply it in our workshop.
  • Teach Meyerhold’s Biomechanics as a form of expressive movement and apply it in rehearsal and performance.
  • Expose the students to the work of Artaud and give them the opportunity to experience his ideas in exercises, in rehearsal and in performance.
  • Introduce the students to audience participation and the idea of non-fictional acting.
  • Participate in classes including theater, dance and interdisciplinary classes.
  • Relate all our work to practical aspects of performing in traditional as well as experimental forms.
  • Perform with the students at the culmination of the workshop.

Mysteries and Smaller Pieces is a profound experience for both actor and audience.